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What is Peripheral Neuropathy? Education & Support for Australian Sufferers.

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Self-Management, Education and Support

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This 3 page website is provided for ALL Australian's who are suffering with Peripheral Neuropathy and associated neuropathic pain, to better their the Education and Management of this Insidious disease.

Older but none the wiser

Hello,My name is
Greg McMahon, I reside in Queensland and I am a PN Sufferer with * 'Advanced Alcoholic' Sensory & Autonomic Neuropathy.  
 The following websites are supplied to assist Australian sufferer's with Self Management and Education to better understand their symptoms, the causes and available treatments for this insidious progressive disease.
 CONTACT me -Greg, with any questions or for emotional support;

Peripheral Neuropathy explained-


*American Neuropathy Association, a wealth of information and support,



Can sometimes be a secondary disease to


Peripheral Neuropathy is a disorder of the peripheral nerves-the motor, sensory and autonomic nerves that connect the spinal cord to muscles, skin and internal organs. It usually affects the feet but can also affect the hands and balance (gait) causing weakness, numbness, tingling and sometimes severe chronic pain. Peripheral Neuropathy's course is variable; it can come and go, slowly progressing over many years, or it can become severe and debilitating. However, if diagnosed early, can sometimes be slowed and/or controlled.
MY PERSONAL SYMPTOMS     Advanced  Axonal Sensory & Autonomic  polyneuropathy.
There are symptoms of autonomic neuropathy affecting my internal organs the bladder, urination hesitancy, loose or constipated bowels, Gastroparesis, irregular rapid heart rate, hypotension (95/55)), impotence to name just a few! I have extreme muscle weakness in lower & upper limbs, and severe loss of digital dexterity, unable to grip objects with my hands.
My Sensory neuropathic symptoms are very severe, my feet and legs have "constant pins & needles and tightness" (Glove/sock, constant feeling around my feet, you don't know whether or not you are wearing socks). Pain NOT fully relieved by any medication, at best 40-60% on some days on other days no pain relief is possible, which makes my Anxiety/depression more acute.  I have difficulty walking more than 20 meters without stoping, and when laying flat the pain is always exacerbated.  I prefer to sit, even standing aggravates the disease and causes the soles of the feet to burn.  I ALWAYS NEED a bed cradle to keep the sheets off my feet and legs, so NOT to exacerbated the pain by touch to my lower limbs , without a cradle I can't sleep! I generally get at best even with a cradle only 3-5 hours sleep per night, and awake about 3am on most mornings or can't get to sleep. It has now progressed to my upper arms & hands, symptoms of pins & needles and numbess and sensitivity 24/7.
The disease itself causes ataxia (loss of balance) however my medication 'Lyrica' Pfizer, also causes loss of balance, and excessive weight gain (increased appetite) and when depressed I comfort eat, especially crave sweets,  The weight gain affects other organs and can't be reduced by diet and as I can't walk any great distance or use an exercise bike (because of my Heart condition) I can't reduce the excessive weight, and then there's the loss of feet sense (my brain doesn't communicate with my feet) in that, they don't step high enough and I trip then, loose my balance and incur infrequent falls.
The constant pain generated from my lower extermities (feet & legs)  'pins & needles/intermittent electric shocks' severely exacerbates my diagnosed military related PTSD (Chronic Anxiety) & Depression. Thus causing frequent suicidal ideation and necessitating infrequent psychiatric inpatient treatments to try and regulate my medications.
Meditation/Mindfulness/Relaxation has totally NOT relieved my
neuropathic pain in the long term. Please be mindful though,
NOT all sufferers have this degree of discomfort & disability!
 My medications are Lyrica (pregabalin) 375mg daily (225mg  mane (morning) and 150mg at bedtime), plus Endone (oxycodone) 7.5mg, (5mg morning/205mg bedtime)

Can Peripheral Neuropathy Be Cured?

Some types of peripheral neuropathy can be cured, however most can not, having said that, many can be helped with pain management with one or more medications.  Therapy is directed at treating the underlying disease and at improving the symptoms with the right medications. An experienced Neurologist, Psychiatrist and/or Pain Specialist can help sufferer's understand and manage their disease, whereby giving them greater quality of life.  Pain control varies between 40-65% per individual.
What causes neuropathy?
There are many causes of neuropathy: Diabetes,Cancer tumours, Chemotherapy, Alcohol, Autoimmune disorders HIV/AIDs, Spinal injury, or a result of spinal surgery, prescription Medications, Toxins, and Nutritional imbalances to name just a few.  
The following webpages, details the various illnesses and certain prescription medications that can cause this insidious disorder.

General Disease Management-

Diabetic Neuropathy

Chemotherapy Induced-

Nutritional Neuropathy-

Alcoholic Neuropathy-

Medication Induced-



*Diabetic Neuropathy,



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